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My family have lived in Langa since 1929. I still live here, and am passionate about the place. So from me, you will get a truly  authentic experience. You’ll learn about the history of Langa, social life, and how we live now, in a post Mandela country. There is, a long way still to go. But you’ll see the imagination, entrepreneurial businesses that - albeit small, have sprung up in this sprawling community. My business is one of them!

Proteam HomepageIt all started when I over heard a conversation at an airport, during a Leadership Scholarship, I won to America, about what dangerous places -  Townships were. I couldn't bear this view of my beloved country from a South African lady. I strongly disagreed with her views. I intervened. Explaining to her what Township life was like. Had she ever visited one? Had she ever spoken to any people who lived in one? She lived in  smart  Newlands, a suburb of Cape Town and said that she would never go into a Township. No wonder I disagreed with her.

I then thought it was about time people got to find out, first hand, about Township life, the old Apartheid regime, that encouraged the view, that Townships were not somewhere white people should care, about let alone actually visit visit. I knew then, in a flash, that I had to do my bit, however small to change this perception of black people and the Townships where they live. And so, I began my Tour business. which, after a lot of hard work, you are now reading about on this website.

Join me, and you'll discover just how wrong the lady I met was!
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My name is Lizo Mgobozi.
I’ve been called MC for years.
Anyway it’s easier to say!