Educational School Tours



You will see Langa as it really is. We will visit a Traditional Healer, ‘Sangoma’, the Hostels, share some African Beer (not what you expect) in a Beer House. This beer is called Umqombothi, and is made from maize and sorghum malts, and is very significant in Xhosa rituals. Then, brace yourselves, you’ll see some ‘smileys’ a local dish. I won’t spoil the experience by describing it here. It’s one you won’t forget, believe me.

We will also visit some of the Hostels, walk through the old ‘Pass Office’ gates. These were places the migrant workers were originally housed, often with their families. They are cramped, grim, and dark places, with only three concrete bunks; per room. And, we’ll visit some of the homes where the first Langans lived. We will also visit a local school where relationships can be formed.

The tour will conclude with a visit to our Arts & Crafts Centre - Guga S’thebe, where you will be able to see the work of the local pottery - (for sale) - an important development in Langa’s efforts to become more selfsufficient. I like small groups. I like to engage. I am happy to take any questions. And I’ll encourage you to talk to the locals too.


The day starts with a visit to:

  • A community arts and crafts centre
  • The Dompass Museum
  • A local school
  • Sangoma (traditional healer)
  • Hostel for migrant workers
  • Umqombhothi (home-made traditional beer. NB No tasting of the beer)
  • “Smiley” Cooked sheep’s heads
  • An informal settlement
  • A Day Care Centre