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Briefly! Because it has a long and fascinating history.  It may surprise you that Langa was established before Apartheid. It is the oldest Township in South Africa, and was established in 1927, and is about 12km from Cape Town. It's where several people were killed the same day as the Sharpeville massacre.

Langa in XHOSA literally  means 'sun', and is a predominantly Xhosa speaking community. The majority of the ‘originals’ here were families who moved from N'dabeni. It was a hard place to live. Life for many was difficult. So many did leave in those early days to seek a better, they hoped life elsewhere

The name of the Township comes from Langalibele - a chief and renowned rainmaker who was imprisoned on Robben Island in 1873 (just like Mandela) for rebelling against the Government. The Joe Slovo, Settlement is the largest informal settlement within Langa. He was a great political activist and leader of the ANC in its early days during the Apartheid era.

Churches are a very important part of Langa life. Starting with the Women's Christian Association (Umanyano lwabafazi) who provided help to the poor in the community. Churchgoing is still a strong tradition today. Over the years Langa has produced some major figures in culture, sport and entertainment… including the late Brenda Fassie, the soccer star Thabo Mgomeni; the boxer Nika Khumalo and the South African wicket keeper
Thami Tsolekile… and not quite so important - me, MC: your Tour guide!

To find out more about this extraordinary place, all you have to do is join me on one of my tours.

An intimate knowledge of Langa - its history, the walkabout lasts about 3 hours, you will experience the real Langa Township Tour, as it lives, wakes and plays. There are four areas we will visit; ordinary houses, hostels, middle class places (not tin shacks) and the Joe Slovo, informal settlement. I’m a proud Langa man - with a large extended family living here here. Would I leave? No, very unlikely. This wonderful, sometimes difficult place is my home.

I would like to welcome you, and show you around.