Team Building

Team BuildingTeam BuildingTeam Building



Take your managers, your staff, well away from the comfort of a smart hotel, and experience Township life. And at the same time enable them to work better, with more understanding, with their colleagues in a very different environment - Township environment. We offer unique Team Building skills courses. They are challenging. And fun too. We integrate the Township life with practical problem solving tasks. You will learn about our culture. And leave with a better understanding of African culture, who we are, and who you are too!

I carefully design each course to suit the needs, and expectations of the individual groups. I have worked in the corporate sector for over 19 years. We use experimental education methodology to achieve the client's objectives. Team building activities can be held outdoors or in-house. Contact me for costs.


We welcome students too. And realise that their needs are different. We will tailor this unique experience to suit your students and the specific needs of the participants. We promise you, they will leave enriched, and motivated by what
they experience. We provide School Educational tours - your school visits one of ours.

We divide the groups into ‘Tribes’.
Tasks will be set. The Tribes have to compete against each other; they have to as a Tribe, agree on strategy, a leader and individual responsibilities to succeed in the task. The tasks are designed to be tough - though we do take into account age and physical abilities.

OK ..... so far so good?



  • Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Three-legged Races
  • Sack Races
  • Water Balloon fights and much more.


  • Adventure Township tour
  • Outdoor
  • Rope Courses
  • Obstacle Courses
  • River Rafting and Raft Building


  • Highly interactive ice breakers
  • Expertly administered activities that relax participants and raise the group energy level.

I carefully design each course to suit the needs, and expectations of the individual groups, taking into account age and ability. Venues can be organised for School camps and groups. I facilitate building relationships between communities, local and International. Drum sessions only on Wednesday Evenings. Contact me for costs for individual packages.